ISBN 978-1-922957-81-8

The Clock Keeps Ticking

Having to throw a lot of punches for protection was a way of life in the Navy! Survival depended on how willing I was to stand up to a culture that left many unable to defend themselves. I did a lot of the heavy lifting for them. My experiences in the Navy taught me about not backing down and letting others walk over me. Of course, this comes at a price, mentally, physically and emotionally.

I had to create ways to not only survive, but to prosper. The lessons learnt in the Navy certainly stayed with me through relationships and business and it came with good times and bad times.

This book is about coming from nothing and ending up in a reasonably good place. I’m not quite at peace with myself yet; I’m a work in progress and I’m looking to turn the next page and see what awaits. Read this book and learn how I survived, what drove me and how I keep moving forward.

The Clock Keeps Ticking. Tick, Tick, Tick.

John white self-published author the clock keeps ticking