ISBN 978-1-922803-41-2

The Farm

Memories of a Childhood on an Australian Rural Property

This book is a warm and amusing account of the author’s experiences in the 1970s and early ‘80s as she grew up on a rural property (Yarraglen) in Central West NSW. In these recollections, the author captures the charm and innocence of her rural childhood. The memoir has a fresh and witty voice. It provides the reader with an engaging snapshot of the resourcefulness, stoicism and pragmatism of Australian farmers. This book will resonate with readers who are interested in the minutiae and character of rural life in a period that was uncomplicated by screens, social media, and over-mechanisation.

Kaaren Watts author

About the Author

Kaaren grew up on Yarraglen between 1965 and 1984. In 1985 she relocated to Sydney to study. Following her marriage to Brenton, the couple lived and worked in Sydney for 23 years. In 2007 Kaaren completed undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in psychology. She then worked as a researcher in psycho-oncology and in palliative care in hospital, university, and not for-profit settings. In 2011, Kaaren and Brenton sought a slower pace of life and relocated to Perth, Western Australia where they now live with their two cats. Kaaren visits Yarraglen regularly and it remains close to her heart.