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Winning the Inner Battle

Bringing the best version of you to cricket

Shane Watson is one of Australian cricket’s finest allrounders, representing his country 298 times.

But in September 2015, Shane was contemplating retirement. At 34 he was still in great physical shape, but his form had deteriorated following a tragedy the year before. Mentally, he was in the darkest hole of his life.

A chance meeting with IndyCar champion Will Power changed everything, prompting Shane to work with world-renowned mental performance coach Dr Jacques Dallaire.

It was a decision that would reshape his life. Shane discovered the keys to a consistent mental process that gave him access to his extraordinary skills once more. Across his career he’d had many glimpses of the right mindset, but had so often sabotaged himself as he lacked the understanding, tools and blueprint to repeat them.

Shane would go on to dominate global T20 cricket, testing his new mental process against the best players in the world.

Shane Watson Cricketer Author Photo

About the Author

Shane spends his time working with some of the best cricketers and coaches in the world sharing this invaluable mental skills framework which has seen many cricketers and teams go on to achieve their full potential. But what he is eager to do now is help you and give you all the tools.


‘Train your skills, train your body, now it’s time to train your mind. This book will teach you everything you need to know to unlock your full mental potential.’


‘The information in this book has helped me out so much. Not only
am I bowling better, I am loving my bowling now, more than ever.’


‘This mental skills program is so relevant and very specific with what actually goes on in your mind before you face every ball. It has really helped me deal with the daily mental battles that we face in cricket. It is now a huge part of my daily routine before every game that I play.’


‘This book gives a simple process to be able to use in all aspects of life
and with cricket, to be able to get the best out of yourself. I have no doubt in my mind that this book will be able to help the current crop of cricketers and all future generations to come.’