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Marley and the Moon

Join Marley, the adorable and special pup, on an enchanting journey

As his siblings find their forever homes, Marley feels lost and alone, waiting for that special family to take him in. Follow Marley’s adventures and exuberance as he embarks on a quest to find his forever family, where love and happiness await.

“Representing the cycles in life, the joy and wonderment of life, and the special bonds we all share with each other under the same full moon.”
– Jennifer Turner

Jennifer Turner self-published childrens author Marley and the Moon author photo

Jennifer Turner, born 1965 in Port Lincoln, South Australia, is a versatile artist and storyteller. Her childhood was marked with frequent moves across the country, inspiring her love and passion for creating compelling narratives. Starting off her professional career in Childcare, Jennifer immersed herself in the joy of captivating children with her stories and penning her own tales.

Dedicated to crafting enchanting visuals and narratives that resonate with readers of all ages, Jennifer sheds light on the diverse dynamics that constitute a family, create imaginative spaces and encourages emotional exploration and fresh perspectives.

Join Jennifer on her literary journey in her debut children’s book, Marley and the Moon.