ISBN 978-1-922629-08-1

The Seven Stories we tell Ourselves

Through all the events of our lives, we take the “facts” and arrange them into narratives that we tell ourselves.

Did you know we only have 7 basic stories from which to create these narratives?

And you can choose your narrative. But there are consequences
to the narrative that we tell ourselves. Each narrative has a pathway to resolution, a direction we must take. Each narrative can either serve us or hinder us in finding contentment and control in our lives. We can choose our narrative actively and therefore have control over our lives or we can allow ourselves
to choose subconsciously and accept the consequences of this.

The Seven Stories We Tell Ourselves provides a framework for understanding how we are telling our stories to ourselves.
It shows us the alternatives available for us to change our narratives and how we must proceed within our lives toward resolution of our daily conflicts and struggles. It is filled with inspiring stories and examples as well as tools to help us become the captain of our own ship, to be in charge of our own lives and to LIVE CONSCIOUSLY.

About the Author

Angela Tomlinson lives to add value to every endeavour she pursues and to the lives of each person she meets, which is lived out in her work as a personal development coach. Holding a BA in Comparative Literature and a DipEd, Angela has been an educator for over twenty years. She is an experienced public speaker and is the co-founder of Podium Public Speaking.

The Seven Stories We Tell Ourselves is Angela’s first book, but she warns there will be many.

Angela can be found at and is available for coaching, workshops and public speaking events.