ISBN 978-0-9876317-9-4

Master Class in Advanced Driving Skills


The Ultimate Driving Companion For Learners and Enthusiasts

The pages of this book paint a picture of our driving future. Written in the interest of public safety, Master Class in Advanced Driving Skills is a foundation for the most qualified and safest drivers.

Most of what is known about advanced driving skills today, began decades ago. The untold story of the great contribution that 1920s Grand Prix racing and two of its heroic drivers made to road safety are introduced here. Their contribution underpins most of this book.

The information in this manual is instruction in driving at a high standard. On learning and mastering these advanced skills, you will be assured of fully conscious, sentient driving in whatever type of motor vehicle you drive. Easy
to understand, it is a precious opportunity for learners and licensees who want to be better, safer drivers.