ISBN 978-1-922337-03-0

ABC of Beekeeping

In this book, she gives straightforward answers to the most fundamental questions asked by anyone who has ever considered keeping a hive –what sort of hive, where to get bees, how to check a colony, how to spin honey… and more.
Julia draws on her experience with the Cairns and District Beekeepers Association Inc, with the many other beekeepers in the Cairns and Tablelands areas, and with some beekeepers in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. More recently she has started a local business, Healthy Hives, which aims at helping people set up and manage their own backyard hives.

About the Author

Julia Toft is a beekeeper in Far North Queensland. She is passionate about people sharing knowledge and experiences with European honey bees, and believes quite simply that a healthy hive will be a productive one. This is especially true in the Tropics.