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I Won’t Settle For Less

Tina was born in Holland and came out to Australia in 1950. Her family travelled in a caravan around Australia looking for work. Her parents were very poor and strangers in this land. Growing up without electricity or running water, poverty and violence made Tina a strong advocate for the working class and the disadvantaged.

By the time she was twelve her parents had separated and she was placed in a foster home for a period of time. By the age of fifteen she was supporting herself as a waitress, a telephonist, go-go dancer, singer, and house cleaner.

Over Tina’s life she experienced child sexual abuse, domestic violence and rape. She has never seen herself as a victim, Tina is a survivor and has always kept searching for a better life.

In 1975 Tina became a feminist and has been a political activist and an advocate for women and children’s safety for over forty years. Her life was often stressful especially when she became a single mother. Tina’s way of coping with her stress was to sing in bands around Adelaide. Tina was one of the original members of the women’s punk band the Red Meds in 1980 and she then sang in a women’s band called Modesty B Blazed. Later on, she sang in mixed gender bands and took on acting roles for the Junction Theatre Company.

Tina went to university at the age of 30 and became a social worker, community developer and then a narrative therapist.

In 2006 Tina started her journey with her partner, working and travelling around Australia, employed as a narrative therapist in remote areas around Australia. Tina sees herself as ‘a woman giving birth to myself. Now at 72 years old she is ready to tell her story.

Tina Namow author

About the Author

Tina Namow is now a retired Narrative Therapist, Social Worker, Community Developer, Political Activist and a Feminist. Tina has experienced migration to Australia from Holland in 1950, poverty, family violence, child abuse, rape and grief. She has stood up against all the odds and after leaving school at 15 years old supported herself and eventually made it to university at the age of 30 years old. Tina has been an actor in theatre, Go-Go dancer, singer in jazz, punk, blues and rock and roll bands. She has travelled and worked around Australia for 4 years, working in a variety of jobs and in remote areas. Tina has been a Narrative Therapist for over 30 years dealing mostly with domestic violence, couple relationships, work place bullying, sexual assault and trauma. Tina has never seen herself as a victim she has always been a survivor. She kept moving on looking for something better in her life, and finally she found it. She now spends her time with her partner of 38 years, and enjoys a less hectic life. She can be kind and understanding but she also doesn’t tolerant fools for too long. Now days she will not be told how she should be. Tina has come too far to be a weak and submissive old woman at age 72. This is her story, warts and all. Her life is not on hold yet!