ISBN 978-1-922527-27-1

Power House & Mary Kathleen

The challenges and experiences which shaped my life.

My first book ‘Black Tea & Hay Dust’ was published in 2008 and represented the formative years of my life from age 3 to 18 years. Foreshadowed in this book two more books were proposed to complete a trilogy of my life up to and including retirement. However I have now decided to combine the second book ‘Power House’ with the third book ‘Mary Kathleen’ in a single book titled ‘Power House and Mary Kathleen’. This book covers the remainder of my life up to retirement and is divided into two parts:

Part 1 covers the period when I left home to continue my education in the city of Melbourne where I completed a Civil Engineering Diploma, courted, married and began a family life and a working career.

Part 2 covers my working career which initially was very difficult but blossomed later after a lucky break sent my family and me to far North West Queensland to a place called Mary Kathleen. This move changed our lives forever with some very big consequences.

About the Author

Terry Cunningham grew up on a dairy farm and later graduated in civil engineering at Swinburne College in Hawthorn, Melbourne. His career spanned 45 years where he spent time working throughout Australia and overseas in the Middle East, Montreal, Borneo, New Guinea, New Caledonia and Guinea. His autobiography covers an intriguing career with lifetime experiences including all the dramas, fears, hopes, disappointments, joys and achievements along the way. The anecdotes and life episodes are many and varied, making this autobiography a real ‘page turner’.

Terry retired in 2013 at age 67. Together with wife Christina he experienced cruises to the Nordic countries and Asia, also visiting China and the UK. His main hobbies include writing, pencil sketching and gardening.