ISBN 978-1-922957-77-1

The Day the Doctors Broke My Vagina and Brain

Raw poetry

A broken body and soul finding the healing of the spirit through trauma and pain.

This powerful book chronicles Tania’s life of unimaginable trauma, captured in stunning poetic form. From the young age when a brick was thrown at her head, to the brutal medical procedure that left her with the worst pain imaginable, Tania’s journey has been a constant battle. But through it all, she has shown extraordinary resilience and determination to heal herself and give back to others. In this unique memoir, Tania uses poetry to convey the depth of her emotions and experiences, taking readers on an unforgettable experience of triumph over adversity.

The day the doctors broke my vagina and brain is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration and hope in the face of life’s challenges. Discover life in Tania’s story, despite everything.