ISBN 978-1-922337-06-1
ISBN 978-1-922337-25-2

My Dear Friends

My Dear Friends is a children’s book promoting friendship through the celebration of cultural diversity. It teaches inclusiveness through recognising shared interests and similarities.

A young deer named Jack only wants to invite other deer to his birthday party as he feels animals that look and sound different to him would not have any shared interests. With some encouragement from his mother he embarks on a journey to make some new dear friends.

Will Jack discover he and the other animals may have more in common than he first thought?

Illustrated by Helena Crevel

About the Author

Tamsin Macaffer is a mum of two (soon to be three) and first-time author of children’s book My Dear Friends.
Tamsin wrote My Dear Friends three years ago after having her first daughter, Sahara. As a mother, Tamsin wants to promote positive messages such as inclusiveness, acceptance and friendship to her children in a fun way that children not only understand but are excited by.
So, what better way than creating a story with fun, interactive animal characters that she could read to her children before bed!
It wasn’t until having her second daughter, Mila, and seeing how much both her daughters loved the book that Tamsin decided to have My Dear Friends published so that its important message can be shared with other young kids.