ISBN 978-1-922722-19-5

Blue the Balloon Bumps into Sydney

Blue Breaks Free!
Where will Blue go?
What will Blue bump into?
Follow Blue to discover Sydney

About the Author

Lynnette Sim is the author of children’s picture book, ‘Blue the Balloon Bumps into Sydney’. She writes for the very young children with the focus of introducing them to the beauty of words, places, and people. Her writing style is simple, fun, and positive.

The love for children picture books began since Lynnette’s parents introduced picture books into her life. Those picture books led her to appreciate the beauty of words and the craft of storytelling. Naturally, she loves to read and tell stories. However, writing picture books is a journey that she does not envisage.

During her travels with her son, she is always on the lookout for picture books that she can bring home, to relish the memories of places that they have explored. She found some stunning picture books in Europe which inspired her to create a picture book for her home city, Sydney.

Lynnette undertook studies in the art of story writing and completed a picture book writing course with the Australian Writers Centre. Her debut picture book, ‘Blue the Balloon Bumps into Sydney’ is her way of storytelling that culminates her love for beauty found in words, places, and people.

Lynnette lives in the scenic harbour city of Sydney, Australia, with her husband and son.

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