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A Cage Called Hope

Are you living your life believing the quality of your relationships, beliefs about yourself and your life in general is a result of your conscious choices?

Are you convinced the reason that you are not getting to where you want to be in your relationships, careers and personal goals is because you need to try harder?

Are you waking each day with a heart full of hope and each night putting your head on the pillow desperate to know why nothing has changed?

Are you ready to identify and shed those self limiting core beliefs so you can become the person you want to be; not the person you were programmed to be?

The information in this book changed my life.

It worked for me and it can work for you.

Within is the key to release you from A Cage Called Hope.

About the Author

Shelley has worked as a therapist in private practice since 2008. Leaving the corporate life to pursue what “makes her heart sing”. This lead to realising the life time dream of going to University. During this time of study, Shelley decided to volunteer and this lead to working with women experiencing homelessness and her employment with that organisation. Achieving a total career change at a time of life “ the experts” claim to be difficult or impossible.

Shelley enjoyed study as much as she had expected and was successful in securing a place in the Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy programme at Adelaide University.

The joy of helping others to live their best life is now being shared with her partner as they provide a mobile service to clients in the Adelaide area, as well as  running sessions online for their clients interstate and overseas. There are no regrets about leaving the corporate life behind as Shelley gets to witness inspirational moments daily.

Shelley’s motivation for writing this book is to assist people to become who they want to be not who they were programmed to be so they can realise their true potential.

Contact the Author

Shelley Murphy
Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Master of Counselling & Psychotherapy UofA
Member of the ACA College of Supervisors
Member of the ACA College of Clinical Counsellors
Level 4 Member Australian Counselling Association

Testimonials for

‘A Cage Called Hope’

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It felt like Shelley was my personal coach and mentor throughout. Her gentle, caring and humorous personality comes across beautifully. Her personal life experience along with her professional knowledge and skills combine to express an important message in a down to earth way; We don’t need to tolerate toxic people and situations! As a professional I could hear the voices of many of my clients in her descriptions of core beliefs and typical experiences of people in toxic relationships, and it will be going on my recommended reading list. Shelley walks alongside the reader throughout this book, shining a light on what many of us put up with and believe about ourselves and life, and encouraging us to demand better, and change the old programming to create a healthier, happier life. 

A lovely read that helped me separate myself from my critical inner voice and to take different action rather than hope things that I actually have no control over will change. I really liked Shelley‘s ‘real’ voice – she writes like she talks and this is a style I access very easily. Highly recommend as an easy to read and understand book that has a beautiful, accessible message that change is absolutely possible.

A beautiful short read that I did not put down.
As a 57 year old man I had been having a crisis with a life partner that I deeply care for but was making self-sacrifices and allowing behaviors
 that I should not have been allowing. I had been blaming myself as I assumed that it was my fault.
It gave me the insight and then strength to think through my situation and make decisions that allowed me to get back in touch with myself.
To realize that “Hope is not a strategy” and to end up in a better place I needed a plan and a path.
I do not know where my life will end up but I now can hope with a path which is sooooo much better a place to be.

I cannot recommend this book enough! Each and every page I read made such sense and has enabled me to adapt to thinking and reacting differently, which has improved not only my relationship but my own mental health.
The name of your chapters always lead me to keep reading.
Life is quite simple really when we break it down as Shelley has in this book.
Thank you 🤗