ISBN 978-0-6485614-9-1

A Pandeme of Bees

pandeme (pan-deem) is a composite of Greek words Pan and Deme meaning “All encompassing possession of flowers and bees in one place”

Pandeme of Bees is a collection of mellifluous, sensual bee poetry. The poems are multilayered. They are cryptic, abstract, hidden, opening, lascivious. The themes interweave to create a word meadow to feed, entice, seduce and seed love for the bee and the hive.

SezzaJai is a word smith, bee keeper and mystery navigator. She has translated an epistemology of bee behavior into human emotion. Her deep understanding of scientific apian research has been word forged into the rhyme and rhythm of beauty and inner knowing of bees.

About the Author

SezzaJai is a performance artist, enjoying engaging community in spoken word, Bee dances, community talks and awareness raising events.  SezzaJai has developed ‘Bee Theatre’ which is a fun, engaging experience to playfully explore and inhabit the Hive. This an immersive practise to gain an insects perspective in the world. It is a noisy, chaotic, cohesive, somatic exploration that can inform our own earth supporting practices.

SezzaJai has helped tend Bees in England, France, New Zealand Australia, which includes helping on commercial Bee farms as well as bee- centric gardens that inform local bee keeping practices.