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Savage Beginnings

The Violent Birth of Australia

This story concerns the first couple of years of the first fleets departure from England to the newly discovered land of new south wales twelve thousand miles across the partly chartered waters of the most dangerous oceans of the world and the initial first years of settling into this vast and mysterious new land.

Intertwined into this adventurous expedition are the many interesting insights into the various characters who initiated the stepping stones of history. Giving us, who have followed, a window into the harshness and deprivation they had to endure. Two of the characters, Seamus Duffy and Mary Donaghue get thrown into this melting pot of characters. It follows the period in Ireland during and post ‘penal days’ when the English assert their gun-toting authority over the down-trodden Irish population, leading to the great famine of the mid 1700s, when the Irish population went from comfortably sustaining over eight million people to the decimated figure of around two and a half million fighting for existence through famine.

It covers the political and historical period when uprising was the catch-cry and savage repercussion was the inevitable outcome against such might of arms the english took to bear on the emaciated Irish and even their own kind.

Throughout the story shines the glow of hope from a defiant and unbeaten people who will never forsake their faith in a god whose image, though faded with oppression, is nevertheless seared into and onto the minds and hearts of a nation destined to leave their indelible mark on the history of the new world. An embryonic nation, whose time has not yet come, but who, in future annals will influence generations yet to come.

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The Pub with No Beer and I

If you’re looking for a story of adventure and mis-adventure. Then look no further.

Sean Hampsey’s latest foray into titillating our sense of Daring -Do under the guise of, not so much, “a walk in the park”, but rather, “a ride in the dark”.

Takes us, (the reader) into a potpourri of adventurous affairs that has us teetering on the edge of our saddle’s, tangling with venomous snakes, ‘orinary’ wild horses, and wicked wenches, who only wish to devour us, midst their beguilement. In an attempt to steal from us our virgin worth. Shame on them! And shame on Sean, for putting us in that perilous position of decision. ‘Will I? or Won’t I?’ That is the question?

This follows on from his previous attempts to corrupt our sponge-like innocent, inquiring, minds. In his other works, My Brother Sean, The Spanish Connection, The Maori Conflict, Savage Beginnings, A month in the Life of A Sexually Active Irish Octogenarian, Journal of Destiny, Sum of the Women in My Life and A further nine months in the life of a Celibate Octogenarian. Watch out!

There is no end to this man’s evil intent to not only steal our hearts to his Irish/Australian Wit, but to steal our very souls and have us as devotees of his story-telling for life. Don’t trust him! If you value your virgin mind.

– Reputable reviewer, who wishes to remain anonymous for family safety reasons, currently secure in safe housing. (But who knows?)

sean hampsey author

About the Author

SEAN HAMPSEY is an Irish-Australian playwright, poet and accomplished singer/ songwriter (winner of the “Best New Country Song” at the Red-Gum Music Festival, Swan Hill Victoria – with another three of his songs winning awards). He has also appeared at the Tamworth Music Festival.

His published titles include The Spanish Connection, My Brother Seán, The Maori Conflict, A Month in the Life of a Sexually Active Irish Octogenarian, Journal of Destiny, Sum of the Women in My Life and A further nine months in the life of a Celibate Octogenarian.