ISBN 978-1-922957-87-0

Marching with a Broken Shadow

The passage from birth to death is a journey that binds us all…

In this debut anthology entitled Marching with a Broken Shadow, readers are invited to embark on that journey; delving profoundly into their innermost thoughts and prevailing feelings – from the deepest and darkest layers of hurt and confusion, to the most hypnotic forms of happiness and dream.

Take the quest with the central character, and look forward to exploring, with reminiscence and wonder, the voyage that we call life, the ending we know as death, and all that lies in between.

About the Author

Dyson began writing poetry after studying William Blake in Year 12 Literature. By 2015 his poetry had become a means of catharsis and reflection as he cared for his sick mother.

Discovering her hidden poems after she passed away in 2017, Dyson began to write with the intention of producing a thematically linked and conceptually realised body of work – this work is what became Marching with a Broken Shadow.

Now, with a penchant for writing and storytelling, Dyson aims to continue to produce artistic and thought-provoking material, and is busily completing his follow up project entitled Stories Heard From the Hearts Whisper.