ISBN 978-1-922803-19-1

Behind the Tears

Understanding, surviving & growing from suffering

Behind the Tears has been shortlisted for the 2023 SparkLit Australian Christian Book of the Year!

In Behind the Tears, Dr Bruce Robinson discusses the different types of suffering that people experience today, how to understand why God allows it, and, most importantly, how to survive it. He also provides advice for the family members, friends, and for churches when someone in their midst is suffering–i.e. ‘how to help, not hurt.’ Finally, he talks about how anyone can grow from suffering into a warmer, brighter future.

Some of the key issues discussed are:

  • How common suffering is
  • Why God allows it
  • How to grow from suffering
  • Practical tips for those who suffer
  • Practical tips for those who care for sufferers
  • Practical tips for friends and churches
  • Grief
  • Cancer, mental illness, chronic diseases, and pain
  • Conflict, anger, disappointment, and bitterness
  • How to grow from suffering and turn it into service of others
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Bruce Robinson

About the Author

Dr Bruce Robinson is a multi-award-winning physician who has worked closely with hundreds of patients who suffer from cancer and other challenges. He has also worked as a doctor in some of the world’s most devastating natural disaster zones.

He has lectured on the topic of suffering to churches and medical students for over 20 years.

He has authored a number of best-selling parenting books.

This is his first book on suffering.


This book is both authoritative and disarmingly approachable, pack with value for any Christian reader.

Greg Clarke
Former CEO, The Bible Society

Bruce encourages us with the ‘how’ of responding to suffering even while we may struggle with the ‘why’.

Robert Ferguson

I was moved by the stories of terrible suffering and found myself in tears at times. The book invites us to consider how we might each grow from suffering and to comfort others who are suffering.

Fiona Payne
Company Director

I could not put this book down. it is outstanding and an invaluable resource, written by someone who knows the medical realities of pain and suffering.

Dr Peter Prout
Lecturer/Researcher in Education