ISBN 978-0-6482061-4-9

I Choose Country

The fascinating memoirs of an authentic aussie man, his treasured family and life in the outback. A riveting story told with warmth, wisdom and humour.

Award winning Journalist: Lia Harris.

A true story of adventure and adversity from school in Adelaide to the wheat growing mallee country of Eyre Peninsula, to the Queensland racing industry, and on to the cattle industry in the Kimberley and the many adventures, achievements and pitfalls to overcome along the way. Spiced with international business in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

About the Author

I have always worked hard and tried to achieve and to accumulate an asset that my children could make use of and that they would be proud of also. Maybe I have been too focused on the material aspects of life and work instead of recognising the dangers of too casual an approach to the business side of any project and the greed of other parties I may have trusted and been involved with. (There are many of these). I have still not achieved all I wished for, but have lived a full life and am rich in experience, history and family.