ISBN 978-1-922527-31-8 PAPERBACK

Develop Through Leadership Thinking

Rex has substantial background in general management marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance, HR, project management, personnel and strategic development at both corporate and business owner level. An active public speaker and trainer, he brings `real-life’ into his work, asense of the theoretical meeting the practical.

Consulting, coaching, mentoring, mediating, Rex has barely missed any industry sector. A lateral thinker, problem solver, with experience that enables him to overview situations and work with people to create their sustainable outcomes.

“He knows it is about the whole person; the individual, the family/social, the business/employment.”

This book addresses all those areas. It’s about connecting – making change accessible, about being the best you can be!

Walking the Talk: “Do as I do, not just as I say”!

“This book contains personal and business strategic thinking processes to implement sustainable change, enabling you to lead into the next decade”