ISBN 978-1-923088-14-6

Family Stories of a Migrant Child

His life, hopes and adventures written and remembered by Jan Ravesteyn

Introducing a heartfelt memoir that intertwines the lives of Jan Willem and his son Jan (John) Ravesteyn. In this captivating account, Jan delves into the memories of his beloved father, showcasing their unbreakable bond despite their occasional disagreements.

With deep filial love and a human connection that remained unwavering, Jan explores the profound influence his father had on shaping his childhood and ultimately shaping the person he became. As the narrative unfolds, Jan shares his own life, work, and adventures, with the invaluable support and encouragement of his daughter, Maaike.

His mother’s stories relating events from WW1, the Great Depression, WW2, a growing expanding family and the devastating flood of 1953. The biggest fork in their road was migrating to the other side of this wonderful world. The change in language, culture, geography and much more, but Maaike always used to say “you take you self with you”.
So that simplifies life when you remain true to yourself.

This memoir highlights the enduring familial ties that have shaped multiple generations, extending beyond the immediate family into the future. This is a testament to the strength of family, the wisdom passed down through the ages, and the recognition that each member is a cherished gift from above.