ISBN 978-1-922890-30-6

Saint Francis way Boot Camp

Inspirations for healing the chaos of our world

Make way for very-secret Aussie agents, Gaz and Anna, on a fun-filled adventure to find hope!

Come join the intrepid duo as they confront the evil agents of climate change, war, Covid, cancer and death, armed only with the chocolate box of life and faith in the Great Chocolatier!

Will we find answers to defeat the chaos of our world on a true story boot camp in Tuscany and Umbria, Italy via Manly and Melbourne, Australia?

Join the quest to discover chocolate-coated jewels of inspiration in the life-affirming footsteps of Saint Francis!

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Garry Philpot Author

About the Author

Garry Philpott was born in Manly, Australia, and now lives in Melbourne, where he was a partner at one of Melbourne’s oldest law firms for over thirty years. This is his first published book.