ISBN 978-1-922527-00-4

Beethoven’s Tenth and the Journey Which Saved the World

The dutiful but plodding Dr Watson (Sherlock Holmes), the unhinged Captain Ahab (Moby Dick), the oh-so-sweet Melanie Hamilton (Gone with the Wind), the naïve if well-meaning Toto (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) are reimagined in a story of grievance, journey, forgiveness, love and changing the world through music. And not just any music. It’s 2020, Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday. If you thought his Ninth Symphony with its famous Ode to Joy was something special, wait until you read the intriguing, barely believable tale of Beethoven’s Tenth.

‘A wonderful and original little bookie. Princess Ludmilla and ones-self enjoyed it immensely. And the music by that strange German gentleman; one shall definitely purchase the record.’ King Arthur II (formerly Prince Charles) of England

‘Truly, the book for our troubled times. Inspiring, enlightening, enchanting, heart-warming … a stirring tale of hope, struggle and making the best of a shitty situation. And, finally, something new from Beethoven.’  Melody Dove, UN Ambassador for Love, Music and Peace

‘I really hate the happy ending. But we all need to improve ourselves by reading something and this is as good as anything else around.’ Hannibal Lector III

About the Author

Peter Rodgers is a former Australian diplomat and journalist, now an author and playwright. His foreign service career included appointments as Australia’s High Commissioner to the Caribbean and Australian Ambassador to Israel. Earlier, as Jakarta correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald, Peter received the Australian Journalist of the Year Award for his reporting on East Timor. Peter has written two non-fiction books about the Middle East: Herzl’s Nightmare—one land two peoplesArabian Plights—the future Middle East. His short fiction has been published or long/shortlisted in national and international competitions. Peter’s new novel, Beethoven’s Tenth and the journey which saved the world, will be published in late 2020. A collection of his short stories, Life, death and other distractions, will be published in early 2021 (Ginninderra Press).