ISBN 978-1-922527-55-4


A book of Survival and Freedom


In this little volume, Friend draws on his courage and talks about a grim father-son relationship, sexuality, differences and the dangers of trying to conform, religion and nervous breakdowns – all difficult topics, and set in a very different time from now.

“My mission,” he says, “is to share my experiences, in the hope I can save others from the pitfalls.”

Norris Friend tells his story with honesty, respect, gentleness and care, at times with reverence, and never with anger or from ego. He knows the pain of emotional abuse and worse, but he stands back from the memories to stress that forgiveness is paramount. He shares very private and painful experiences with no talk of redress or vengeance, no seeking of sympathy, but the aim of offering insight, because he has learned that healing occurs if you understand why things happened.

Simple, honest and brief, this book is so much more accessible and refreshing than long-winded self-help manuals. For me, the insights it offers are spot on. – Lisa Lark, editor