ISBN 978-1-922722-58-4

Journey of the Awakening Heart

When we awaken our hearts to love we start to connect to the electromagnetic field of consciousness in the Universe. Our individual and collective suffering comes to an end when we align ourselves with the constantly weaving and ever-changing universal energetic patterns and the directionality of life force energy (prana).

This book has three main objectives:

  1. Inspire readers to find love and deep inner connection within their own hearts;
  2. Find the missing connection to the Creative Intelligent Source;
  3. Enlighten readers throughout the course of the current ascension process by inspiring them to open their hearts, shed old behavioural patterns, unwanted emotions and energies that cause suffering.

An important handbook pregnant with inspirational and contemplative spiritual messages which may help readers find their inner light and awaken within a deep desire for spiritual seeking of a life with an elevated consciousness, unconditional love and deep inner awareness, beyond the shadows of void and darkness.”

About the Author

Heba first started studying Eastern philosophy at the age of 15. She was born in Victoria, Australia, lived her teenage years in Mount Liban before returning to Australia permanently in 1996. She charted her own course from the mountains of distant Lebanon through the main streets of a war-ravaged Beirut on her way to the open skies of countryside Australia and finally to mystical India. 

She studied Vedic, Hindu, Greek and Western Philosophies. She then set up a school of yoga, meditation, healing and spiritual teaching in Mildura Vic in 2016.

Heba’s collection of poems and proses was inspired by the great philosophers Rumi, Osho, Yogananda and Gibran. Her main inspiration to publish her own book was derived from her personal spiritual experiences. Meeting her twin flame and husband inspired the pair to work towards fulfilling their divine mission to establish a healing centre and inspire millions to find true everlasting fulfilment within them and surrender to life being the key to breaking from the chains that keep humanity imprisoned in a world of suffering.