ISBN 978-1-922722-29-4

Letters to my Mother

Joyce Musgrove was born in Leongatha in 1929. From the time she was little, she had the responsibility of looking after her siblings while her parents were out.
She just wanted to be a MOTHER.

She met and married the “Love of her Life” while living in Chelsea and became a devoted wife and mother and eventually a loving nan and great-grandmother.

Joyce suffered many illnesses during her 92 years, including heart failure and a massive Stroke.

She has lived her life making other people laugh and smile with her antics.
Her daughter, has written Memoirs for both of her parents.

Kaye also wrote a poem after her mother’s stroke and sent it to the Stroke Foundation


“A Stroke was the last thing that she ever wanted
And let me tell you it was hard
She was left in such a predicament
Not even knowing her own backyard.”