ISBN 978-1-922803-52-8

The Last Cowboy

Tales from the bush to the boardroom

As the first son of the Big White Boss on what was then the world’s biggest cattle station – Alexandria, Peter Murray knew he had to aim high in life.

It was quite an idyllic childhood for Peter and his younger brother, Michael, living on this remote station in the Gulf Country of Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory. The only white children on the station, they spent their days playing with the local boys, swimming, and fishing in the creek, and trying to escape their Governess!

But their father, a professional Cattle Station Manager, expected much more. At a young age, they learned how to ride, shoot, drive and play their part in the day-to-day running of Alexandria.

This training led Peter into paths he could never have foreseen. Power, politics, money, millions of acres of land, prestige – and disaster.

About the Author

Born on a huge and remote cattle station in the Gulf Country of Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory, Peter Murray has led a very colourful life indeed!

From an early age, he learned all about the business of running the station, managing workers – and catastrophes, planning, bargaining, and making money.

His cattle station manager Father wanted his sons to achieve more and trained them accordingly. Peter was sent away to the Southport School on Queensland’s Gold Coast and eventually came to love it.

However, his plans to win a scholarship and further his studies ended when he turned 17 and his father decided it was time for him to leave school and start work.

Thus began Peter’s amazing journey. From working in the stock camp for £4.10 a week, he went on to make millions of dollars, lose millions – and make them again.

It was a hard life working on the station: hot, dry, thankless. Huge responsibilities were placed on these young shoulders. But Peter rose to the challenge and worked his way up through the ranks. At 19, he became a station manager himself.

Peter married his first wife, Angie (Annie Hordern), in December 1957, and they had two sons. Life was good, but Peter wanted more for himself and his family.

One adventure came after another, deals were struck, money made, and money lost. Along the way, properties were bought and sold – including The Roebuck Hotel in Broome, and many hundreds of thousands of cattle changed hands.

For many years, Peter worked very closely with Kerry Stokes, eventually deciding to settle on Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

He and Angie were together for 55 years, before she unexpectedly passed away.

Peter married Judy and the couple still live on the island today.

This book represents only part of Peter’s amazing life – although it is packed with enough adventures, experiences, and stories to fill several lifetimes!