ISBN 978-1-923088-59-7

ISBN 978-1-923088-95-5

Darwin’s Deceit

In the shadows of history lies a secret waiting to be uncovered

Annabelle Young, a spirited and adventurous young woman, stumbles across a trail of enigmatic clues left behind by Charles Darwin. She unveils a profound secret; an undisclosed island meticulously erased from natural history by Darwin and the HMS Beagle crew.

Annabelle is pulled into a breath-taking race against time. But she is not alone—there are others who seek Darwin’s secret and will stop at nothing to take it for themselves.

With her family and a resurgent love interest at her side, Annabelle must confront her demons and a myriad of secrets, each more perilous than the last. Unravelling the island’s mysteries could change the world—or destroy it.

Darwin’s Deceit is a gripping blend of historical intrigue, relentless adventure, and intellectual suspense. How far would you go to guard a secret that could reshape the world?

ISBN 978-1-923265-99-8


Join Maria and her dog Riff on an enchanting adventure in MetamorFALLS! While exploring the woods, Maria discovers a magical waterfall that can turn animals into humans and humans into animals.

In this magical world, Maria becomes a cat and meets new friends like Felix the clever fox, Rose the kind robin, and Sebastian the playful squirrel. Together, they explore exciting new places and learn to see the world in a whole new way.

But when they discover unhappy animals at a nearby circus, Maria and her friends must find a way to help. Can they outsmart the Circus Master and save the animals?

Filled with magic, friendship, and thrilling adventures, MetamorFALLS is perfect for kids who love animals and fantasy. Discover what happens when humans and animals switch places and embark on a journey you’ll never forget!