ISBN 978-0-6483693-4-9

Being Sam

Being Sam opens a different window on the world. It may make you smile, it may make you cry …

Being Sam is memoir of life and death, rascal chromosomes and rogue cancer cells, and a lot of love in between, written by Sam’s mother, Morag Zwartz.

Diagnosed with leukaemia at two, Sam astonished his medical team by surviving so many relapses before the disease took its toll.

About the Author

Morag Zwartz began as a journalist in New Zealand, at The Press, Christchurch, where she was able to pursue an interest in investigating stories behind the scenes.

Later, in Australia, she wrote The New Age Gospel: Christ or Counterfeit? – a detailed investigation of the New Age movement in all its forms (1987). Two exposes of religious cults followed: Fractured Families (2004) and Apostles of Fear (2008).