ISBN 978-1-923214-01-9 

The Perfectly Egg-shaped Egg

Caramel Shortbread was a Golden Pekin Bantam. One perfect spring day, she laid an egg…

A sprawling, vibrant story about a baby chick exploring the garden for the first time under the loving guidance of mother hen.

Full of luscious descriptions, you can almost feel the sun on your back and smell the honeysuckle flowers as you wander through the grassy pages.

Deborah Moffat Tapfield self-published author

About the Author

Deborah Moffat Tapfield grew up a barefoot wanderer on a farm in Willunga. Located on the stunningly beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, overlooking the sea. She shared the farm with a menagerie of animals, many wild ones, but also horses, cows, ducks, cats, dogs, and, of course, chickens! 

Deborah has always loved to draw and paint and has taken great inspiration from the beauty of nature. She moved back to her family farm when she had her first child and still lives there, in a little hand-built roundhouse, with her loving partner and their two children, a Kelpie, two Guinea Pigs and currently … 16 hens, 2 chicks and a rooster … and a lot of eggs!