ISBN 978-1-923088-15-3

Miles Away

A Memoir

Including inside story of Eaglereach Wilderness Resort

Paul Miley was born in Albury and was a war baby. He was exposed to other cultures through the Columbo Plan at his school and the newly arrived post war migrants especially those working on the Snowy Mountains Scheme. His first international adventure was to the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and then onto North America as a landed immigrant in Canada.

On returning to Australia he moved to Queensland and had the great fortune to secure a position with Qantas Airways which gave him a wide range of opportunities to travel by air internationally and receive a crash course in marketing which would become his other love.

After several executive positions in the tourism industry including at Gold Coast Tourism he spent a decade in various positions at Fairfax Media including at the Australian Financial Review, the Sun and Sun Herald. This commercial background was essential for the development and management of one of the first eco-tourism resorts in Australia. The multi award winning Eaglereach Wilderness Resort in the Hunter region of NSW.