ISBN 978-1-922337-27-6

Tom’s Holiday

Once upon a time there was a very happy little boy called Tom. He lived with his Mum, Dad, sister, Sophie and little brother Huey. Tom loved hanging out in his cubby house with Sophie and bouncing on their big trampoline with his baby brother Huey. The three children always played happily together and loved each other very much. This is a tribute to Tom and the great zest he had for this life.

Learn how to keep children safe near to roads and on holiday time in new unfamiliar surroundings that might look very different and confusing to what children know from their home environment.

Join Tom and his family to help build a better understanding with your children or grandchildren about the dangers around roadways out of the city. The message of “Hold My Hand” is lifesaving and equally as important as placing a seat belt on a child in a car before you take off on your journey for the day!

About the Author

Michelle McLaughlin is a nurse and mother who became a road safety campaigner after the death of her four year old son Tom last year.