ISBN 978-1-922452-6-10

Thought Leadership

As I traipse back through the centuries of information available outlining how humans have lived, been managed and controlled, I note with disappointment that while much positive change has occurred, much remains the same. These dominating forces – which are woven into the structure of every society, family, culture and generation, can see those of us who want to make change and understand who we are as a human being in the bigger picture, trip up at every intersection.

Thought Leadership proposes how we can break down the layers of dominance that are entrenched in society and become aware of the invisible net that surrounds and controls us throughout every moment of our life. When we do this, we have the best chance of creating a more equitable society, community, family, generation, and individual life. We can then investigate who we really are and allow our true self to evolve. We can learn how to develop our inner leader and learn how to think and behave like a thought leader. The impact on humankind with this approach to living would be phenomenal.

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If it’s to be: It’s up to me


Quick fixes don’t work. Where do you get honest information that works and can hold them in good stead for their whole life, and which they can pass onto everyone else in their life and around the globe? This book offers them this. It is generational change that is required. You start from the ground up.

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Back From Hell

We live in a period dominated by a mainstream that disrespect the capacity or even the possibility for the human machine to heal itself. Successive generations have been dumbed down and believe that others know best. We think we must intervene and ply it with something that will fix-it, but we’ve lost sight of what the human machine is capable of when using the right approaches. Unless you have been at the end of the road and come back better than you’d dreamed possible and that this is ongoing, you do not know what is possible. Unless you challenge current thinking and belief and take full responsibility for your health, you do not know what is possible.