ISBN 978-1-922957-06-1

The Baby Who Went Straight to Heaven

There once was a baby named Anna Grace… She had beautiful eyes and a pretty face…

Surely, she’d grow up to dance and sing… But instead she did a different thing…

When a baby dies, the grief felt is enormous for a parent. For the parent who already has other small children it is confusing and often difficult to comfort them also, as they themselves struggle to find the right words.

This book will be helpful for such a time as this. It will help those children gain understanding and be comforted. It can also help other family members (who read it to them) open their heart to the One who ‘prepares a place’ in Heaven, for all who love Him. 

ISBN 978-1-922890-19-1

He is Faithful from A to Z

79 true accounts of God’s Extraordinary Faithfulness in the life of a very ordinary person

He Is Faithful From A-Z is an encouraging alphabetical arrangement of God’s faithfulness throughout a life of ups and downs.

Abuse, Anger, Addictions, Miraculous interventions, Marriage, Separations, Divine reconciliations. A miracle son, High elevations, The loss of a daughter, Deep devastations, Hearing God’s voice, Seeing His face, Lessons of Trust, Obedience, Grace. Supernatural dreams, Futuristic visions, Angelic visitations, Financial provisions.

Unspeakable Joys, Fear, Strife, Through it all God is faithful in this, my ordinary life.

ISBN 978-1-922957-40-5

Petals in the Wasteland

A magical, true love story of rescue, romance and redemption

All too often downcast Tessa, is lifted up continuously by her mysterious un-named ‘lover.’ He takes her on a journey of inner healing as well as many adventures of the super-natural kind, of which she ultimately is compelled to share, with the world.

Written for women who long to be accepted and loved unconditionally, particularly those who have struggled with rejection or know the pain of a hard marriage, divorce, abandonment and single-mothering.

Those of us who want to be swept off of our feet and rescued by our beloved Knight in shining armour, who will romance us and care for us, cherish us and never, ever leave us. Women who have been hurt and need to be healed.

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About the Author

April May, author and founder of April May Gems and mother of five, calls home where her heart is, which is either on the sun-kissed coast of Perth, Western Australia or amidst the snow-capped mountains of the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. She is passionate about sharing her stories to encourage and inspire others and to restore hearts that are in need of hope.


This excellent book will ignite your faith, you will be SO blessed, inspired, encouraged and changed!!

Sherlie Eady

I heartily recommend this book for all who are confronted with the difficulties and complexities of life and who desire to understand God’s sovereign purposes and plans in their journey. You will be challenged, confronted, inspired and edified as you read this book

Pastor Phil Howell
[Without Walls Inc]