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ISBN 978-0-6485544-6-2

A Wrestling Memoir

Pulling no punches. Setting the record straight on Australian wrestling culture in the 2010’s.

Matthew Borg’s wrestling career began in 2011 and ended in 2015. This memoir is a rundown of Borg’s time in the so-called “fake” sport of professional wrestling: the good, the bad and everything else in between.

This leaves one to ponder … is the world of professional wrestling really what it seems?

One night, specifically that of July 31, 2013, I was home alone in the lounge room watching Channel 7’s AFL documentary The Inside Man. A 60 Minutes style expose on the now infamous Essendon drug scandal wherein Luke Darcy sat down with former Essendon strength and conditioning coach Dean Robinson in an exclusive one-on-one interview. Robinson unflinchingly dished the dirt on what happened behind closed doors and the longer the interview went on, the more I could empathise with his firmly held beliefs in his pursuit for natural justice and by the end, I had no reason whatsoever to doubt his version of events.

I did not know it on the first occasion I watched in 2013, but it was to be this hour and a half of gripping television that when watched again later, would provide the impetus for what is to follow.

To be crystal clear, what you will not be reading is an in-depth look at my entire life – that is another story to be told later down the line. What you will be reading instead is an entire rundown of my time in the so-called “fake” sport of professional wrestling.