ISBN 978-1-922803-24-5

The Day the Queen Bee Quit

The Queen Bee has had enough!

She’s NOT happy with the humans and has decided to shut down all the hives and close up the colony of hard-working bees. But, what will happen to all of the humans if bees don’t come back to work? Is there anybody who can change the Queen Bee’s Mind?

Go on a journey inside the hive to see what has happened to the bees and why the Queen Bee has quit in this entertaining story with a meaningful message by 10 year old, Zara Matta.

About the Author

Hi there! I’m so excited that you’ve chosen to read my book – thank you! I’m Zara Matta, a 10 year old primary student from Sydney, Australia. I started writing this story a year ago after learning that the number of bees were declining because of our actions.

Bees are so important! Did you know that they pollinate many of the crops that feed the world’s population? Without bees we would struggle to feed the 8 billion people on Earth. That’s not all! The disappearance of bees would mean a major change in our ecosystem. Some plants would be lost and then the animals that feed on the plants may eventually become extinct.

When I read about all of this, I wanted to see if there was a way I could raise awareness through the power of words and pictures. We can all do our bit to save our bees habitats, reduce pollution and stop poisoning the environment where they thrive.

So many kids are fighting for a world where we can look after our environment, plants and animals. They don’t have a voice, but our generation IS their voice. By fighting for our earth and all the living things that make it so beautiful, we are also fighting for our future.

So come on everybody – let’s work together and SAVE the BEES!