ISBN 978-0-645111-50-7 PAPERBACK

Africaining A Gory Glory Morning 

What do you get when varying elements of human society have taken diverging paths leaving its tree root to dehydrate while a malicious leading light is attacking the fragile leaf foliage giving humanity’s trunk life threatening hemorrhage? Will an adventurous competing parasite find a sufficient sized bandage to cover all damaged cells? What outcome will prevail?

El Shoetef is captured in the common wealth driven world of the early 2000s where political correctness propagating zealous moralists are using digitised egocentric driven narcissism to justify eradication of independent critical opinions.

One day he manages to escape towards Africa which harbours a society lacking the luxury of being narrow minded munchkins. However another evil is awaiting. And it has already laid interest on others with a growing revengeful hunger. The chase for salvation is on! Will there be a day with no morning…?