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Chronicles of Jaina


Vol. 1

Jaina is just one of a small group of recycled humans, the Hastati. Numbering less than the population of small town, the Hastati have no memory, no identity, no personality, no history. The Hastati have just one purpose. to complete a mission programmed deep into their core.

“Each unit is physically strong, fit and selected from only the most unique of human stock. Available in two basic models, they come in a variety of sizes and colour. Each unit is pre-programmed with all the basic knowledge and skills necessary in an advanced combat unit. Optional upgrades are of course available and include skills such as assassination, infiltration, advanced combat technology. identity acquisition and assimilation, among many more unique skills. The full list of optional upgrades is available on request.”

– JJ Adams, (CEO)

About the Author


Dale Martin was born in the 60’s and moved around Australia with his Mother, Father and two brothers. Dale is the oldest. He has worked in I.T. since he was 15 and has travelled all over the world with his work. He now lives in country Victoria with his wife and four cats.