CREDIT- This book cover was largely conceived, art-directed, designed, commissioned or illustrated by the author.

ISBN – 978-1-922337-74-0

Incremental Health: Putting it together.


Ever feel like you are running from pillar to post; constantly juggling and trying to fit it all in?

Do you lie in bed at night wishing you had made it to the gym?

Do you feel like you have tried everything and failed?

Are you sick of trying to sift the facts from the hype and piece it all together?

Do you want to increase your vitality, improve your complexion and extend your life expectancy?

Incremental Health is for you.

Incremental Health will show you how to make small, cumulative changes to your life that will add up to real health benefits.

Learn how to break down barriers and add healthy habits to every day of your busy life – simply and without pressure.

About the Author

Mandy is a seasoned IT project manager by day but a health fanatic 24/7. Mandy takes a pragmatic approach to healthy living and loathes sounding like a used-car salesman, preferring her work to speak for itself.

With a Bachelor of Science and certificates in fitness instruction and counselling, Mandy has spent the last seven years researching health and wellbeing to transform her own life. Founded on nine pillars, Incremental Health has been written to help busy people easily incorporate healthy habits into their lives with joy and ease.

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