ISBN 978-1-923214-11-8

Pulp and Papermakers Fiction

A novel

Larrikin Papermakers of the 1980’s in Australia

Pulp and Papermakers Fiction is a story that takes you back to Melbourne Australia in the 80s and follows the life of a Green Papermaker enjoying the simple times of the Era. An Era that saw the last hoorah of the “Great Australian Larrikin!”

Follow the times of Craig Nelson as he enters the fray of working life with all its highs and lows. Upon entering the world of Papermaking on Shiftwork Craig encounters a new world full of different characters who always made life interesting and helped him look at life as an adventure. You will read of characters that you just don’t see any more, as individuality seems to be lost in today’s busy so called connected world.

It also gives a light insight into the Papermaking process which is an Industry that is, and has always been, quite small in this country.

So buckle up for a totally different story that is lightly informative but mainly comical, due to it amazing cast of Pulp and Papermaking Aussie Larrikins!