ISBN 978-0-6481379-4-8

Delilah’s Secret

“Delilah’s Secret is one of the most powerful books I’ve gotten my hands on in a long time. I loved and hated the characters so intensely, they were beautifully brought to life by M. L Martin. I was left thinking about them all long after each chapter. An important read, one that will leave an imprint on women especially.” – Lauren Shuttleworth, CEO & Founder of Words With Heart

Delilah is a small girl with a small secret—or so she thinks until her secret grows to control almost every aspect of her life. Silence ensnared her, silence keeps her trapped—yet silence may ultimately be her way out. Will Delilah ever find her voice?

It is the late 1980s, when Delilah’s mother walks out on their family. With her older brother at school, Delilah spends her days alongside her dad working the farm, mustering cattle, fencing and learning to track through the forest backing onto their property. Life for Delilah is perfect.

That is until her mother files for custody and wins. Now Delilah finds herself in a completely volatile living situation. Driven by a fiery determination to prove she isn’t a ‘nothing’, Delilah sets her goals on becoming a sporting champion. Just as she is finding her rhythm, making new friends, discovering childhood romance and feeling like she is somebody, Delilah is faced with life changing adversity.

It is a hard lesson to learn, but at eleven years old Delilah realises the only way to escape her living nightmare, is to become her own hero.

Delilah’s Secret is the story of an ordinary girl with extraordinary strength. It is a tale of love, friendship and a young girl’s courage to face her biggest fears.

About the Author

Sharing a love of horses with her mother, she handed Melissa a copy of The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans. Exceeding 600 pages in length, her mother was not truly expecting her to finish reading it. At eleven years old, it was the first novel Melissa read from start to finish. Her love of reading and writing blossomed from there. By the age of twelve, Melissa had written several short stories, poems and a new alphabet – a secret code invented to write letters to her friends.

In 2010, Melissa graduated from Southern Cross University with a Bachelor of Education. She became a teacher to ensure that no matter how good or bad a child’s home life was, they could come to school and feel safe, loved and valued. However, year after year she was witnessing signs of children suffering from various degrees of abuse and neglect. She could not sit idle while these children desperately needed a voice. Hence the birth of Delilah’s Secret.