ISBN 978-1-922957-88-7

Consciousness and Biology

A Theology of Transformation for the 21st Century

Consciousness and Biology is for passionate atheists as well as passionate believers. It explores a new way of understanding the radical message of Jesus which is not only compatible with the ideas of modern science – but is also deeply honest about the human condition, radically progressive and ultimately hopeful.

It starts with the idea that, whatever else we might be, we are biological organisms who have evolved over a period of four billion years through a process of natural selection. We are also, however, biological organisms who now experience a threshold level of consciousness. A level of consciousness which not only allows us to observe the world around us – but also to observe ourselves. Our human level of consciousness provides us with the capacity to transcend our biological heritage. To choose behaviours which are an expression of Intentionality, Creative Freedom and Connectedness. An expression of Spirit.

These emerging modern ideas can not only be used to re-imagine the central ideas of Christianity. They can also be used to reimagine the ideas of other spiritual and religious traditions. These emerging modern ideas point towards the possibility of a universal way of understanding our human experience of Spirit. An understanding centred around the idea of Transformation rather than Justice.