ISBN 978-1-922337-07-8
ISBN 978-1-922337-24-5

Star Dust n’ Mud

The book opens with an invitro remembrance by our author of a command to be born in order to love God.

Life is full of loss, gut wrenching grief and abject poverty of soul. Homelife is bitter, grievous and cruel. Age 12 she is evicted by her abusive father.

Our heroine is a child yearning for protection and genuine love, instead she’s afflicted with cruel, callous nurture from dysfunctional parents. Left to her own resources and free from any decent guidance she lives a tragic tale roaming haphazardly and hitch-hiking up and down the country.

She chances upon many unsavoury schemes and personalities that lead her astray far from light and hope of a normal life. At 19 years-of-age she becomes permanently damaged deep within her core by the death of her 4-month-old baby.

Like a tsunami this trauma compels her to keep moving. Journeying on, our central character builds her own cabin in the bush. Then comes a new spouse, more children, hardship and finally desertion. Back in the city, survival as a single parent is bearable.

Then the miraculous occurs…

About the Author

This is an unapologetic account of endurance through trauma and a true testament to faith. Lesley’s story begins before she was born and weaves a muddy tale of abuse, homelessness and death spattered with star-dusted experiences, unexplained rescues and soul-felt peace.

Lesley does not promise a pleasant read, but delivers a miraculous ending. In writing her story, Lesley hopes that you as the reader may find strength from her survivals.