ISBN 978-1-922629-31-9

Understanding and Using Your Emotional Guidance

Science meets Spirit

Your emotions are your friend. Emotions are guidance, a GUIDANCE “Universal GPS system” that light a path to your personal dreams. Understanding the messages sent to you via emotions is the secret to regaining your power to deliberately create your life experience. Part autobiography, part natural science lecture, and part esoteric manual, this illustrated guidebook is a loving, supportive tool to living the life you always wanted. Life is meant to be good and things are supposed to work out for you.

Louise Lawson, self-published author of 'Understanding and Using You Emotional Guidance - Science meets Spirit'

About the Author

Entering the world in an unconventional way, Louise remained unconventional from that moment onwards. Having her spine irreversibly damaged by forceps during her entry into this time-space reality, she has spent a lifetime overcoming the resultant mental and physical challenges. Adopted into a family where the love of comedy and Nature were paramount, she couldn’t help but be someone with a unique outlook on life. Louise has a PhD in Biological Science and imparted her infectious curiosity for life processes to her students for 13 years at University. Spiritual teachers Echart Tolle, Abraham-Hicks and Sadhguru, along with the writings of the Hermetic Philosophers have coalesced with Scientific understanding to bring Louise a holistic view of existence. Mother of two gifted children, spouse to Aspie partners, chef, author, mentor, stand-up comedian, cartoonist, grandmother, friend. Louise lives her life to the full, as she knows that things are meant to work out, and happiness is our innate condition.

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