ISBN 978-1-923156-75-3

Shepory Crossing: Jim’s Story

When the Shepherd family and the Gregory family pool their resources and talents the results are impressive and have repercussions far beyond the confines of the Kirconnell Valley.

Jim’s Story traces the growth of an Australian community from the 1890s through the global influences of two world wars and an economic depression. The story parallels the development of the Australian nation as it grew from a colonial outpost that rode on the sheep’s back toward the cosmopolitan society we know today.

Shepory Crossing’s characters experience floods, bushfires, economic growth and depression, the cannon-fodder controversies of WW1, the bitter divisiveness of conscription, the fall of Singapore and the horrors of Changi and the Burma railway. The story examines the effects of tariff protectionism in the 50s and the opening up of the outback by the motor car and the aeroplane.

Written in the first person by Jim Gregory, Shepory Crossing contains believable characters, historically accurate events and deeply moving romances.

Historical figures such as Breaker Morant and Henry Lawson stroll through its pages and touch on real episodes from my own family history.