ISBN 978-0-6485111-8-2
ISBN 978-0-6485614-8-4

Meeting Paris: A Book of Poetry


Kristie hopes in this book to share with her readers the aspects of Paris that left a mark on her. 

About the Author

As an enthusiastic student and admirer of life and nature, Kristie developed an enduring love for poetry, drawn in by the boundless and unique ability to express intense observations and emotions. 

Kristie was born and raised in Newcastle, Australia, but has spent most of her adult life to date as a lawyer in Sydney. The opportunity to express words more poetic than legal came about when she was fortunate to spend a large part of a year living in Paris. Captivated by the culture of Paris with all its charm, artistry and vigour, whilst also struck by its malaise, Kristie was inspired to give voice to the people, to the inanimate and to the sensations she encountered.

Her favourite places to write were in the local bistros and by the river, cheese, baguette and wine in hand where possible.

When not writing, Kristie is a part time piano player book and science devotee, beach creature and unabashed flaneur.