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Essentially You

“The most important conversations you need to have are with yourself.”

For your benefit, I’m sharing the physical activities and thought processes I focused on that I accredit my success to through the most challenging time of my life, suffering from poor mental health and low self-esteem.

Once I got myself up and started exercising, it allowed me to start thinking and self-reflect honestly about different situations, choices and interactions from my teen years and throughout my life.

I realised the choices I had made years before only provided limited options. I needed to understand better how I could continually improve my life’s path and create better opportunities going forward.

Over time and with my continual efforts, my mental health improved with my outlook on life being from a more positive perspective, creating greater self-belief and confidence to overcome my challenges.

The lessons learnt via my experiences can provide guidance and support, reducing confusion in your own journey. My dream is to help you continually improve your normal and then be the better you. Read on and believe in yourself.