Book 1
ISBN 978-1-922527-18-9

Fairy Colours

This book has 12 colourful fairies.

With it’s rhyming storyline, children will be captivated with their colours and playful personalities of each fairy. For all ages up to 10 years, Fairy Colours sparks imagination and creativity with each colour.

Book 2
ISBN 978-1-922527-35-6

Fairy Places

Fairy Places is about a journey on a dragon that a group of fairies take to visit eight unknown forests to explore. Bursting with colour and rhyming pages, children will be swept away by these magical places as they too experience this journey. For all ages up to 10 years.

Book 3
ISBN 978-1-922527-91-2

Fairy Faces

Rhyming with spectacular colour, Fairy Faces captures the characters and personalities of Twelve fascinating Fairies. For all children up to ten years of age.

Book 4
ISBN 978-0-6451513-2-9

Fairy Fun

Fairy Fun is about a group of fairies out for a playful day, filled with games and activities for the fairies to enjoy. Lots of colour and rhyming words with loads of fun. For all ages up to 10 years.

About the Author

Connie Knight started writing Children’s books 25 years ago when she was a single mum with three very young daughters Olimpia, Candice and Sabrina.

Watching her girls play and listening to their imagination inspired her to write 7 childrens books that the girls loved. Twenty-five years later Connie has started to write again back to creating fun short stories that rhyme and bring joy and learning for children.