ISBN 978-0-6482394-1-3

Not Named


Adoption. The ideal solution for unwanted babies given to new parents, without question, to ensure happy-ever-after.

This is an urban myth.

The myth persists because of the supposed success of adoptions in Tasmania since 1920. There has always been a market for babies to be given to loving white, Christian, married couples to adopt. Government legislation has always supported this practice for various reasons. So has society supported adoption in the assumption that all ‘unmarried mothers’ were not fit mothers.

This story is of one individual
who has dared to question her
own adoption.

About the Author

I was adopted in 1948. I have spent 40 adult years learning how shocking many adoption
practices were in Tasmania. My journey led me to make a very strong stand and to have my adoption dissolved – in the Children’s Court of Tasmania.

I cannot un-know what I have experienced. This book is my contribution to dispel the urban myth.