ISBN 978-1-922527-67-7

The Universal Wisdom in Aboriginal Dreamings

Is Aboriginal spirituality an echo from the past, a secretive and elusive enigma few non-indigenous people can genuinely experience? Or is it a timeless and definitive call for all humankind to seek reconciliation and harmony with each other, our mother Earth, and the Universal Essence in everything?

These and many other existential questions are examined in this enlightening and insightful book. Inspired by the spirit of Uluru and the inner recognition of our interconnectedness with the totality of life, it takes the reader to the heart of indigenous cultures, illuminating the essence and purpose of being human.

Drawing on a lifetime of practical experience seeking veracity in traditional and gnostic wisdom, the author explores the relevance to all humanity of the Universal Wisdom in Aboriginal Dreamings. With its fearless and revolutionary interpretation of Western religions and Aboriginal Dreamings, this book challenges traditional presumptions and prejudices and articulates an imperative and liberating perspective on life and spirituality.

If you feel the necessity of a revolutionary change in consciousness, this book will inspire and assist your journey of self-discovery with radical and meaningful consequences.

Whatever your perspective on love, life, and the universe, this profound book will change you!

About the Author

The Age of Aquarius brought tumultuous changes to the world of the 1960s and ’70s. The resulting changes in consciousness reached every corner of the globe. As children and adolescents, we quickly discovered life was no longer bound by the axioms of truth and reality from times now past.

Some made their peace with this new reality and, satisfied with the ‘new’ status quo, felt no urge to seek a deeper meaning or purpose in life. Those more sensitive to the vagaries of life felt called to a new worldview and, driven by an urgent and unquenchable thirst for inner peace, wrestle tirelessly with the existential questions of life.

Being the latter kind, I share my experiences of this search, that it might help others on that path.