ISBN 978-1-922452-06-1


A Dangerous Utopia 

Why economic ideology is dangerous and how we can fight back.

The economics of socialism and neoliberalism are forever battling. One wrestles against state power while the other smashes away at the chains of corporate domination. What both sides wince to hear is that they share a similar ambition. A utopian vision.

These utopian dreams should be dreaded by all those forced to conform to its mandate. For what purpose is dissent in a perfect ideology? Such closed ended systems are rigid and fragile to criticism which is why proponents fight so vigorously against dissent.

Powerful groups have always found ways to hijack political power by aligning with dominant closed ended ideology. Once the reinforcing cycle of power begins it is difficult to arrest the momentum feeding its appetite for dominance. This accumulation of power is what makes utopian ideologies so dangerous.

It is time to dream of a social contract and empower it. People must see the reason in compromise, otherwise the only path that remains is one leading to two fiercely opposed camps where force prevails over reason.